What is CRPS/RSD?

RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) or CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) is believed to be an autonomic dysfunction and failure in the healing process that causes inflammation, pain, swelling and a host of issues that are difficult to treat and often take years to diagnose.

In most cases of RSD, the genesis of the syndrome is an injury that seems like it should heal fairly quickly.  (Type 1).  It can be something as simple as a broken bone but the body for one reason or another goes into overdrive and sends the blood to the area even after the injury  has healed.  This overreaction then becomes the overriding problem. The bone heals but then the patient is left with a host of problems infinitely more difficult and painful than the initial injury.

But, in some cases (like mine), RSD originates with a definitive nerve injury (Type 2).  While the two types have similar symptoms, this is not the case of the body not healing itself.  Type 2 is a case where the nervous system has been affected by nervy injury.  The nervous system is permanently damaged so that it chronically overreacts to stimuli.  This overreaction causes intense pain, swelling, temperature changes, skin color changes, inflammation and many other symptoms that prevent a person from leading a normal and active life.

This pain process becomes cyclical and takes on a life of its own causing other issues for the patient, including other physical ailments and, often, severe distress due to the realization that they aren’t healing and probably will never get better.  Those of us who have it know how difficult it is  for doctors to treat us.

This annoyed me.  I was taking massive amounts of narcotics with little effect.  Not all at once! That makes me sound like i was breaking the law.  They were prescribed to me but also they did not work that well.   Thanks to family support and especially the introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I found ways to live without pain medications.  I want to share that information and hope to learn from you as well.

**All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. I’m not a doctor. Don’t be a moron. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use.**


4 thoughts on “What is CRPS/RSD?

  1. WOW. Your story is amazing. I’m so sorry you are constantly in pain. It is so inspiring to know that you took your own health into your hands and are seeking other means to find relief. My father had systemic mastocytosis and doctors had no idea how to treat it because at the time, only 40 people had it in the US. He became his own physician and lived more than 25 years than the doctors gave him. Continue on your health path – and I hope you find the relief you need on a daily basis.

    • Your dad sounds like he was quite a force. I think that’s amazing and I love to hear about people beating the odds. Also i think too often those drs don’t know what the sh*t they are talking about even when they think they do. Who am i kidding, they always think they know. 🙂 Almost every dr and physical therapist i saw for a few years told me I was going to get worse. And honestly, when they were treating me, i did. Acupuncture and healing with foods has allowed me to improve. I barely consider myself an RSD patient anymore. It’s still part of my reality but not the whole thing.
      Your story sounds bitter sweet. The thing that saved you might be the thing that takes something so big from you. To be hit with that news is terrible (or i can only imagine). you are clearly a strong person and i hope the doctors are wrong with you too. Here’s to you as you continue your journey and however your child gets to you, you clearly will be an amazing mommie. PS i went to hs with your DL.

      • Thanks for posting this! I am new, 6 months in. Figured it out in January/February & I’m determined to beat this naturally as possible! Doctors tried me on 2 meds so far & I’m done w/ meds. Side effects are not worth it!

  2. NICE!! Not the RSD part but the meds. I am so sorry you have to go through this. With your attitude, i have no doubt you will beat this. Awesome!! I love it!!!

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