Why I think Doctors Are Stumped by RSD/CRPS

I believe RSD is caused by nutritional imbalance that shows itself upon injury.  I think things are then made horrifically worse with medicines which have their own unintended nutritional consequences. I also think there is an emotional component to it but I don’t know that one can separate that from whatever nutritional imbalances might be lurking.  There is no one thing that works because each of us is different.
The problem: people want research to back up their claims. If imbalance is the root cause, then it is too personal to the patient to measure. Maybe one person was deficient in Vitamin K before they were injured. Vitamin K is vital to many autonomic functions of the body. Most of us were put on Neurontin or Lyrica as symptoms started. There are studies out there showing that anti-convulsants CAUSE vitamin K deficiency, potentially making a bad situation that much worse. I improved substantially when i went off of all the western medications and began treating my symptoms with qi gong, foods and teas. I think the best doctors are willing to admit they don’t know how to treat this.

2 thoughts on “Why I think Doctors Are Stumped by RSD/CRPS

    • Wow 20 years. Sending healing thoughts and best wishes your way!! Yes, i use ACV (definitely must be raw and diluted) only periodically based on what i am feeling. Warning: it’s gross. 🙂 Post RSD life (for me) is a constant learning experience but i am so appreciative as it has taught me to slow down and enjoy the moment. Stress making pain worse has made me a more relaxed person. 🙂 Best wishes to you!!!

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